Practice Materials

How to use these patterns and studies

These materials are split into 5 levels, corresponding to the scheme of work in the MusicallyFluent booket.

It is vital that you do not play these materials passively, either by decoding a list of notes or by pinning your fingers to the keys and playing from aural/muscle memory. Most people play in this passive way by default. So you need to focus your mind and strengthen your intention to prevent falling into this non-fluent way of playing.

Rhythm – You must be fully aware of the matrix and where you are within its structure at all times. You must connect your inner musician to this awareness by saying the matrix mantra aloud with a natural, flexible, poetic quality and maintain this quality as you play with perfectly synchronised fingers. Never play like a machine! Equal note values do not have equal duration. Tag the rhythm cells rather than individual notes and you will avoid this tendency. Tagging means noticing them as musically meaningful sounds.

Tonality – You must be fully aware of the three-dimensional, whole, symmetrical structure of the keyboard map. This awareness needs to be spatial so do not look at the keys to help your fingers find their place and try not to feel around either. You need a solid sense of the unchanging space then the natural proprioceptive ability in your fingers will wake up. Tag the sounds of the tonal blocks you play. Notice how they make musical sense. Use the pedal correctly as this helps you to tag harmonic blocks which you must hear as harmony – blended sound – not as surface melody.

Wake up your spatial processing ability and your pattern awareness and play from the body and soul!

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