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Consider this question… Why do you want to learn to be a fluent keyboard musician?

You will see 10 pairs of answers to this question and you must select your preferred one. The answer that you prefer suggests a certain mindset. One answer points to a mindset that is ideal for learning to be fluent. To pass you will always need to choose this “ideal” answer.

The other answer is not wrong or bad. Your preference just indicates that your outlook may generate difficulties around learning to be fluent on the piano. You would struggle to understand the MusicallyFluent approach and would find the more conventional approaches much more within your grasp.

If at some point during the quiz you choose the answer that points to the wrong mindset, the quiz will continue to the end but all the reasons stated will point to the wrong mindset for fluency – ie. both answers at each step will be “wrong”. This is just to prevent cheating.

This test is not a trick. It is designed to help potential¬†MusicallyFluent students find the right attitude. Having the wrong attitude now doesn’t mean you can’t change it! I know from experience that it is possible for very blocked students to make the shift from seeing musicianship as a passive process to seeing it as an active one. Making this paradigm shift is a fascinating and¬†mind-opening exercise in itself. So read the copy on the website thoroughly to help you grasp what musical fluency is all about.

When you feel ready, go ahead and take the quiz. Please enter your name and email address and click submit*. You will then be directed to the first pair of answers to the question:

Why do you want to learn to be a fluent keyboard musician?

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